Re: [SQU] Unable to connect to/resolve internal addresses

From: Robert Collins <>
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 21:45:28 +1100

Have a look in the squid.conf.default file and look for always_direct. Use of that directive should solve your problem..

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Subject: [SQU] Unable to connect to/resolve internal addresses

> Hello,
> We ar running squid 2.2.Stable5 (works fine) and I made a test installation of 2.3.Stable3.
> I have made the necessary changes in the config file and everything seems to work except when trying to reach internal systems.
We are running behind a corporate firewall and are using parent proxys.
> When I try to reach local addresses squid connects to the parent proxies , which I assume are trying to locate the target on the
Internet. Message:
> ERROR 205 -- DNS name lookup failure. Please contact your system administrator.

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