Re: [SQU] HELP: cache too big!

From: Joe Cooper <>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 20:02:22 -0600

Markus Stumpf wrote:

> On Tue, Dec 12, 2000 at 02:14:52PM -0600, Joe Cooper wrote:
>> I've found that if Squid 2.2.STABLE5 (I don't know about later versions)
>> is being shut down improperly or crashes (due to load, for example) on a
>> regular basis the cache object store will grow, because Squid will
>> 'lose' objects in the store. The objects will still be present, as
>> files, but the store index will not know about them. Deleting your
>> swap.state file(s), starting squid, and giving it a few minutes/hours to
>> rebuild it's swap.state fixes this problem.
> No, it doesn't :( At least it doesn't for me.
> I have shut down squid the first time it happend (in the meantime I did
> this 3 or 4 times) and gone through the "nightmare" of a 12 hours full
> rebuild of 50 GB cache data.
> I do monitor my squid with Duanes scripts (vitals graphs). These show
> that squid knows about 60 GB data on the disks, clains to reduce it
> (the graphs and the output of mgr:storedir tell me so) but the DISK
> space remains the same (and grows further).
> Squid uses a LRU max-age of about 20 days.
> Here's some more info:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> cache_dir ufs /share/zuse2/disk02/squid/cache 12000 32 256
> cache_dir ufs /share/zuse2/disk03/squid/cache 12000 32 256
> cache_dir ufs /share/zuse2/disk05/squid/cache 12000 32 256
> cache_dir ufs /share/zuse2/disk06/squid/cache 12000 32 256

 From this cache_dir line (ufs FS type option is available in 2.2), as
someone else mentioned regarding Matt Ashfield's posts, it is very clear
that both of you seeing this problem are using some version of Squid
later than 2.2STABLE5 (which has no known disk usage overage issues).
Some version of 2.3, presumably. There /is/ a version of 2.3STABLE that
does not keep the disk usage in check, and it is documented on the
releases page in the known bugs section for 2.3--and the two or three
versions since then have not had the bug.

What version of Squid are you guys using? I cannot speak with knowledge
of 2.3 because we gave up on shipping with it due to async i/o issues,
so stopped testing it, and skipped straight on to 2.4. 2.2STABLE5+hno
definitely has no issues of this sort (other than in the case of a crash).
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