Re: [SQU] Squid keeps stopping

From: Cord Beermann <>
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 16:25:40 +0100

Hallo! Du (Stanage, Richard) hast geschrieben:

>I have just started a new position and have inherited a Linux server running
>Squid. Lately, squid will stop running and I will have to manually restart
>it; this lasts for only a short period of time before squid stops again.
>Does anyone have any suggestions for where I should start looking to resolve
>this problem?

check your logfiles. read them carefully... there should be at least a
record ala 'squid exiting', i expect that there are more lines around,
which should give you a hint.

If you don't understand what'S going on, check against the FAQ, and
then come back here, with your logfile-entries.

have fun,

echo 'kfabj?%abgerrf?%fabjsynxrf?1000?%fp?lryybj?&'|
tr '?n-z$N-Z&a-m!A-M^%' ' a-m~A-M.n-z<N-Z@-'|
$(echo 'Plattfisch'|tr -d 'Packetlift')&&echo D$(echo Leitplanke|
sed -e 's/.\{6\}//')||echo 'oops.'
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