Re: ntlm compile

From: Robert Collins <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 00:52:35 +1100

Hi Richard,
    I've copied this to the squid-users list for the archives.

The ntlm patch on the projects page at applies to the parent branch (the based on line of the project
summary). That is to say auth_rewrite.

If you are starting with a CVS download of the HEAD tag (what you'll get if you don't specify a -r on your checkout line), then what
you need to do is

1) download the auth_rewrite patch
2) download the ntlm patch
3&4 apply the two patches in order.

cd squid
patch -p0 < auth_rewrite.patch
patch -p0 < ntlm.patch

and then run
autoconf ; autoheader

before attempting to configure it.

The reason the patch is like that is that it facilitates combining several schemes - for instance if you wanted ntlm & digest
authentication support you can do this:
1) download the auth_rewrite patch
2) download the ntlm patch
3) download the auth_digest patch
4,5 & 6 apply the three patches in order.

If the patches were against HEAD or squid 2.4, you couldn't combine the ntlm & digest branches (or any other experimental branches
people may work on).

Note that as you have CVS access you can checkout the ntlm version directly using (assuming you are already logged in with pserver
cvs -z9 co -r ntlm -d squid-ntlm squid
the -r ntlm tells CVS to retrieve the versions of the files for ntlm.

I don't believe kinkie has got the primitives we need into the configure script as yet.


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> Robert,
> What version of squid should the ntlm patch be applied against. I pulled
> down the latest ntlm patch file, and tried it against both the latest
> snapshot on the squid-cache site, and the CVS version from squid.sourceforge
> and the both seem to fail in the same locations. Trying to compile, even
> without specifying ntlm, fails because it tries to find ntlmauth.h which
> does not exist.
> Any ideas ?
> Cheers,
> Richard
> PS. Any news on the Solaris port ?
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