Re: [SQU] Problems with some URLs - too long?

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 21:07:05 -0700 (MST)

On Tue, 2 Jan 2001, Andrew Morrow wrote:

> I have a number of sites using a FreeBSD box with ppp
> as a DSL router/firewall. http through the firewall is
> handled by squid while all other traffic goes out via
> ppp's nat facilities.
> At one site, certain links don't work -- the browser
> (both Netscape & MSIE) hold up the hourglass until the
> request times-out. If I switch from proxy to a direct
> connection via Dial-up Adapter, I get the requested
> page without problem. The links aren't to one
> particular site; there are a few troublesome sites and
> only a few links on those sites don't work.
> For example, at one site if I search for a product and
> it returns the first page of many then the links to
> subsequent pages don't work. Looking at the source for
> that page, the only thing unusual about the links is
> that they are very long. Here's the link to go to
> search results page 4 (wrapped each 50 columns for
> readability and with the actual site masked out):
> p=Results.jsp&keywords=ups&tab=startTab&pStart=0.0
> 0&pStop=0.00&oStock=0&oPromo=0&oAuth=0&nSpOr=0&nCo
> ns=0&nDisc=0&langCds=&langAvail=&uID=FTE0400197846
> 3735403&hits=50&page=4&sort=PRODUCTDES&flow=-1&jum
> p=&cat=&subcat=&vendor=&media=&platform=&sn=301LQS
> AVSU&db=ecremmoCbeW_REMA&cache=900
> After the link times-out I get the following message in
> the access.log file:
> 978466382.562 120732 TCP_MISS/500 994
> GET,,,FF.html? -
> Does anyone have any ideas why these URLs won't go
> through squid? Are they too long for the proxy
> protocol used between the browser and squid?

Squid should easily handle URLs up to 4096 bytes in length.

I wonder if you're having some MTU problems. Perhaps your
squid box is sending out packets that are too large for the
link and they are being dropped somewhere.

Duane W.

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