[SQU] SquidGuard question...

From: Ryan Booz <ryanbooz@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2001 12:19:46 -0500

I know that this is not the SquidGuard mailing list, but I've gotten no
help there, in fact, it seems to almost be inactive.

I'm wondering if anyone uses SquidGuard for it's time ACL function. I
have been using it at a school for this year, and everything else is
working fine... but I can't get the time ACL to work. Whenever I try to
apply a time control to a group, no matter whether it's "within" or
"outside" the time declaration, everything gets blocked. I would like
to block student (which are the default users) use after school hours.
I'll include my SquidGuard conf file in case that helps.

I really appreciate any help you can give. I've emailed some people
that had the same question on old posting to the SquidGuard list, but
they never got any answers either.

Ryan Booz
Tech Coordinator
Belleville Mennonite School

logdir /usr/local/squid/logs
dbhome /usr/local/squid/db

time studentuse {
        weekly * 07:45-15:00

src teacher {
        user booz leon rbaker gpeachey jyoder ishrock bkauffman
        user ehartzler amiller plloyd ryoder hzook rfrench khartzler
        user tlpeachey scraig rpeachey bpeachey kswigart trpeachey
        user cpeachey slutinski ploudenslager lyoder gyoung lsmutz
        user cbaker

dest mail {
        domainlist mail/domains

dest porn {
        domainlist porn/domains
        urllist porn/urls
        expressionlist porn/expressions

dest custom {
        domainlist custom/domains

dest hacking {
        domainlist hacking/domains
        urllist hacking/urls

acl {
        teacher {
                pass !porn !hacking mail all


        default within studentuse {
                pass !porn !mail !hacking !custom all

        } else {
                pass none


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