[SQU] `no cache` problem

From: Murat Balaban <murat@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 03:06:07 +0200

I have a "no cache" problem.

I am using Squid 2.3.STABLE4, with transparent caching
I have set my local network as not cacheable by
no cache directive as such:
        acl Local dst
        no_cache deny Local

This seems to work,
I get TCP_MISS messages for http requests going for my local network.
However, I was reported by our webmaster that some objects ARE cached, e.g. some images.
He was getting the old images even he changed the image in the server.

I have tested the situation with and without the proxy.
With the proxy in, the image was unchanged,
without the proxy, the image was changed...

Am I missing something?


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