[SQU] question

From: Ventsislav Velkov <veno@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 11:16:46 +0200

I have a dvb and a leased line, I use squid for caching proxy server with parent proxy
my dvb provider. I want to filter only the file formats like .jpg or .gif to be
recieved thorough my dvb and everything else through my leased line. In the squid.conf
I have the example "acl aclname urlpath_regex [-i] \.gif$"
But I could not manage to succed with always_direct and never_direct tags.
I also have some acl's with src ipaddres/netmask to limit the use of my proxy server
only from my clients. Is it possible to filter the "gifs or jpgs" only on a certain
acl src ipaddress/netmask so for example for the whole traffic is
passing through my parent proxy, while for only the filtered jpgs and
gifs pass through my dvb.
Thank you in advance for any suggestion.

Ventsislav Velkov
Network Administrator
EUROCOM Plovdiv Ltd.
++359 32 620790
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