[SQU] Problems with squid under irix5.3

From: Frank Paul <f.paul@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 13:21:17 +0100


I got the following problem if I'm going to start squid on an SGI System

running IRIX 5.3.

I have configured the udp_incoming_address and udp_outgoing_address to and the port to 3130. Each time I'm going to start squid the
"Accepting ICP messages at, port 3130, FD8" and
"CommBind: Cannot bind socket FD9 to *:3130: Address already in use"
appears in the cache.log file.

Checking with netstat would not help and just shows that no other
program uses
the port

The same configuration file is used under Linux with no problems.

Can anyone help ?

Thanks to all
Frank Paul

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