Re: [SQU] logfiles size, logrotate and stuff

From: Thomas Adam <>
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 09:04:00 -0800 (PST)

Hi All,

Umm, as far as this e-mail goes, usually the logfile
size at my school gets up to about 3.5MB at the end of
the day before it is rotated.

The size of this however is greatly reduced because I
use a bash\sed\awk script that cleans it up.

As far as the size of the logfile goes in relation to
squid's performance, I have not noticed anything that
would slow it down.

However, I agree with you about the squid -k rotate.
This does not work on your proxy servers either.


Thomas Adam
--- Florin Andrei <> wrote: >
> I'm just curious: how big you guys are setting the
> logfile size?
> I usually try to rotate them daily or even more
> often, depending on traffic,
> in order to not let them go over 1 MB. What do you
> think is the maximum
> logfile size which will not degrade Squid's
> performance? I saw heavy system
> load (and slowness) when the logfiles were too
> large, so i think this is an
> important tuning parameter.
> "squid -k rotate" doesn't work on Linux with
> async-io. This is very annoying,
> because i wanna let Squid rotate the logs, not use
> an external log mangler. It
> appears that sending -USR2 is equivalent to "-k
> rotate", but this seems like a
> quick hack, not a proper solution. Do you have any
> other ideas?
> --
> Florin Andrei
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