Re: [SQU] Some problems with squid

From: Martin Brooks <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 08:28:37 +0000

At 13:08 16/01/01 +0530, Gaurav Agarwal wrote:
>Hi ,
> I am a student at IITD, India and we are running squid on our proxy
>server. We recently noticed problems with the disk that housed the squid
>cache and i guess finally the disk has developed bad sectors. Can it
>because of the excessive read/writes that squid does on the disk ??
>On trying to use the same partition for squid cache we get error messages
>like "Resetting SCSI bus" or "Scanning inode ******* returned short
>reads". Running an fsck also crashes a machine or takes forever.

This does indeed sound like a dodgy hard drive. If your cache is on a
dedicated hard drive, it's probably worth trying a lowlevel format combined
with a bad sector check. Obviously, this will be data destructive. Once
the disk has been checked, you'd need to reformat it and the re-initialise
the Squid cache.

It that doesn't do any good, try getting the drive replaced under
warranty. Failing that, hard drives are cheap these days.


Martin A. Brooks
If Windows NT were an animal, it'd be a fainting goat.

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