RE: [SQU] Purging objects

From: William Wishon <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 12:58:14 -0800

I am trying to accelerate a server that might change what a particular URL
returns based on criteria not known to squid. In other words some external
event would make me want to invalidate a group of urls that are currently in
the cache. I don't (and can't) know all of the possible urls affected by
this, so I want to cycle through the list something like this:

foreach object in cache
        url = geturl from object
        if url is now different
                purge url

So I guess what I really would like is a way to get the url from a given
cache object key. Then I would know the url and could use the existing
purge method of "client -m PURGE url". This wouldn't be happening very
often so how fast it executes isn't critical. Perhaps an addition to the
cachemgr interface would allow me to get the information I want? I'm
looking through that code now to see if I can figure out what it would take.


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> Why do you need to manually purge objects you do not know the defails
> about (i.e. the URL)?
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> Henrik Nordstrom
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> William Wishon wrote:
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> > How do I purge an object from the squid cache when the cachemgr list
> > of all objects in the cache doesn't always show the url? It appears
> > that if the cached object is in memory then it shows the url and I can
> > purge it using client -m PURGE url. But most of the objects listed as
> > being in the cache do not have a url listed with them.
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> > Thanks,
> > Bill
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