[SQU] squid support multiple server acceleration?

From: Dongho Lee <coolness@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 16:10:06 +0900

Hi. all

squid support multiple server acceleration?

for example, we have four web server as below.
web server 1 :
web server 2 :
web server 3 :
web server 4 : 111.222.3. 100

and I want to accelerate web servers using squid 2.3.S3.
Is it possible?

if so, how do i set squid.conf?

I alread read squid's FAQ and User's Guide.
Currently, I accelerate one web server with an L4 switch
squid runs on Linux 2.2.14.

I want to accelerate multiple web server using squid2.3.STABLE3.


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