RE: [SQU] problem with access.log.c

From: Yuri Sytema <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 11:42:43 +0100


# TAG: strip_query_terms
# By default, Squid strips query terms from requested URLs before
# logging. This protects your user's privacy.
# This means the stuff behind the '?'.
strip_query_terms off

this works for me.....

Good Luck

  -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
  Van: Giorgio A. []
  Verzonden: vrijdag 19 januari 2001 11:31
  Onderwerp: [SQU] problem with access.log.c

  hi everyone ! first of all, since this is my first mex to this ml, i must
introduce me: my name is Giorgio, am italian, 24, and i work as a sysadmin.
I'm one of those who love linux and hate M$, even if the microsoft bugs are
a primary source of income for me !!!

  My problem is that i have to log requests like:

  but squid truncate the URL at the very first "?" he find... i tried to
modify the access.log.c to avoid skipping the part of the URL after the "?"
but i didn't succed.... can anyone please help me ?

  tnx to everyone who'll answer me !
  have a nice day

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