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From: Robert Collins <>
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 22:35:30 +1100

Yes. Don't use the password as a differentiator. More advanced password systems don't transmit the password itself over the wire. As
both "student" and the teachers name are not exactly secret, I'll assume security is not an objective :-]

I suggest something like

username "student-$teachername" ie student-jmackie
password "internet" or some such. You could even make the password the teachername as you had before, or a password assigned to each
teachers class. Depends on your balance of security vs administration.


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> Well, I'll tell you why I need to have 2 users with the same name but
> different passwords. I am setting up a network in a school district where
> students can get online. Every student gets online through the username
> "student" but uses the teachers name as the password.
> Any more suggestions?
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