Re: [SQU] is this possible

From: Devin Teske <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 12:29:00 -0800

>To this - Use the source luke. Yes it is possible to code into squid a
>fallback position when authentication fails of trying some
>other system, but no one has done it as yet.

where exactly would I code this into? Squid itself?

>Or you could look into use the extended basic auth helper protocol, and add
>a response code of UNKNOWNUSER so that squid can tell
>the difference between a incorrect password and an unknown usercode. Note
>that that is not guaranteed to be possible with all
>backend helpers - that knowledge is often used as part of a cracking attack
>to establish system usercodes.

how might i do this?

Also, I was looking at SquidGuard, could that help me do what I need to do?
(redirect unauthorized users to another server?)

I've been thinking too, by setting up a cache peer, shouldn't they both do

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