[SQU] FTP: how to negate download of EXE..

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Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 16:35:47 +0100

Hi all,
        i'm testing the possibility of negate the download of anything,
trogh the proxy of course, but the doc adn other little things.
The procedure works, but there is a little problem regarding the last slash
and the symlink that results of a non authorized download.
How to solve this, i need to accept download of only .doc,.zip and other
extension that i can admit.
Here are my actual configuration:
acl ftp proto FTP
acl doc urlpath_regex -i \.pdf$ \.doc$ \.txt$ \.rtf$ \.html$ /$ \.pdf;type=.$
http_access deny !doc !miyself ftp

This iw working like i want, but the ftp://ftp.site.com is negated, while
ftp://ftp.site.com/ is ok.
The same for the symlink, that are negated like a fiel withou extension.
It is possible to allow the no extension files??


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