Re: [SQU] two parallel parent-caches : does not work

From: Peter Pilsl <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 11:49:26 +0100

On Wed, Jan 24, 2001 at 02:46:47AM +0100, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:

> And what do you get if shut down the NIC and do not have any cache_peer
> lines?

In that case, I will get the same error, cause the default-route goes
over this NIC (the route to proxy2 goes over a different NIC).

But routing is not the problem here. I did a more 'sensible' test: I
didnt shut down the whole NIC, I just blocked the way to proxy1 and
left the rest unchanged. Now I dont get an error, but the page is
build up extremely slow (minutes !!!) AND squid is not fetching the
page from proxy2 but DIRECT.

Squid is simply ignoring my second cache_peer-line (remember, I
disabled the prefer-direct). When I do a few refreshs on the browser,
squid finally switches to proxy2 and displays the page in a acceptable

In the access-log this brings the following:

----normal operation ---
refresh-miss-get page1 first_up_parent/proxy1
refresh-miss-get page2 first_up_parent/proxy1

----blocking way to proxy1 and refresh
refresh-miss-get page1 direct/page1
refresh-miss-get page2 direct/page2

----refresh again (2-3 times)
refresh-miss-get page1 direct/page1
refresh-miss-get page2 direct/page2

----refresh again
miss-get page1 first_up_parent/proxy2
miss-get page2 first_up_parent/proxy2

When I bring in proxy1 again, squid will use proxy2 as first_up_parent
for the next 3-4 refreshs and then use proxy1 again forever. (I doesnt
even try proxy2 then, there is not a single packet running from
squid-host there ...)

if the topologie is of interest:

             | | +-------+
             | |---| fire1 |----/internet/---proxy1
intranet --- | | +--------
             | |
             | squid | +-------+
             | |---| fire2 |----/internet/---proxy2
             +-------------+ +-------+

default-route is via fire1, but routes to proxy2, alternative
nameserves and other privileged hosts are via fire2

The above problem is not a nameserverproblem, cause I also tried to
specify proxy1 and proxy2 with its IP's in squid.conf

Thanks a lot for your help again,


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