Re: [SQU] telnet and squid

From: Ben Efros <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 23:28:34 -0000

Yes it is possible to utilize the CONNECT method:

acl telnet_port port 23
http_access allow all CONNECT telnet_port # NOTE: this opens up telnet
abilities to ALL ip addresses.

To utilize the CONNECT method your HTTP request should look something like
this (You should look at the RFC, as I might not be correct):


In your case it would just be:
    CONNECT ServerAddress:23 HTTP/1.0

Also, in response to Henrik Nordstrom's message about squid being badly
configured. I must disagree here, the CONNECT method has many great uses.
It is ONLY badly configured if the ACL does not prevent abuse. For example,
you would never want to include the "all" acl, like I did above, on a proxy
that is directly on the Internet... instead you would want to use an ACL
that limits access to ONLY your ip addresses. Just be careful with your

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> is it possible to make a telnet through the squid
> To do this what acl is necessary : an acl with the request method =
> thank you for your help , i hope in the future help when my experience
> will permit this
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