[SQU] Changing log files

From: Ali Javed Tajik <ali@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 11:29:09 GMT

Hello All!
I want to change my log files place to /var/log/squid/ for this I have made

following enteries in "makefile.in" before compiling the squid.

DEFAULT_CACHE_LOG = $(localstatedir)/log/squid/cache.log
DEFAULT_ACCESS_LOG = $(localstatedir)/log/squid/access.log
DEFAULT_STORE_LOG = $(localstatedir)/log/squid/store.log
DEFAULT_PID_FILE = $(localstatedir)/run/squid.pid
DEFAULT_ICON_DIR = $(libexecdir)/icons

"Keeping in mind I untar squid file in /var/tmp".

After compilation I removed the /var/logs/ directory but squid give error
while making these log files and dies after runing for few seconds.

I am configuring my machine on Redhat 6.2.
Any help??

Ali Javed Tajik
Network Administrator
Net Zone (Pvt) Ltd;
Peshawar, PK.

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