[SQU] NTLM.....NT Groups (Local or Global)

From: Craig Fels <csfels@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 19:33:25 -0600

Is there anyway to get Squid to look at an NT Local or Global group for
members of a proxy_auth acl?

I'd like to control the "allowed internet users" in the same way we control
NT permissions. If I can create an NT group and populate that group with
user id's of trusted internet surfers, it'd make life easier. If ntlm_auth
can't do this, the only way I can think of dealing with this is:

*Create local or global group.
*Schedule a task ever X hours in NT/2000 to use the resource kit utility
LOCAL or GLOBAL on the particular group and redirect the output to a txt
*Use linux's crontab to run a script to get this file via FTP from the NT
*Use crontab to "squid -k reconfigure" to acknowledge these ACL membership

This will work, but much easier, both to setup and maintain, if ntlm_auth
can understand domain\group.



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