Re: [SQU] Limitations

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 11:30:58 +0100

Robert Collins wrote:
> When will I learn :-/
> rfc 2617 specifies TEXT as the username & password, I just had a nagging suspicion so I looked up the BNF definition for TEXT, which
> excludes LWS.. Sorry Henrik for wasting time...

Hmm.. perhaps you should read the definitions again...


      user-pass = userid ":" password
      userid = *<TEXT excluding ":">
      password = *TEXT


       TEXT = <any OCTET except CTLs,
                        but including LWS>

       LWS = [CRLF] 1*( SP | HT )

What can be argued is if any applications will get the witespace
definition correly in this context.. (there is no semantic difference
between any of the LWS combinations. All read as a single SP, but I
doubt any Basic HTTP password implementations will read SP and HT as the
same thing)

Henrik Nordstrom
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