[SQU] Access for single user

From: Luft, Heinz-Jürgen <Heinz-Juergen.Luft@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 13:32:19 +0100

I am using Squid2 STABLE3 and (Suse)Linux 6.4.This is the problem: We have
a lot of customers who use our proxy for surfing. The authorization with the

external program ncsa_auth works fine. Now, one User want to limit the URL's
for a special user (I named this user test). If I use the user test with the
passwort proxy_auth test" without "acl password proxy_auth REQUIRED" then it

works fine and this user is able to see only a few special sites written in
te file "urlallow". Up to now i have no solution to allow surfing to
sides for User test and surfing to all sides for the other user .

Here my configuration:
authenticate_program /squid-2.3/ncsa_auth /squid-2.3/passwd
authenticate_children 10
authenticate_ttl 3600
acl oneside url_regex "/squid-2.3/urlallow"
acl password proxy_auth REQUIRED
acl passwort proxy_auth test
http_access allow password
http_access deny password
http_access allow passwort oneside
http_access deny all



e-mail: heinz-juergen.luft@triaton.com

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