[SQU] Single user note

From: Gary E Bickford <garyb@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 18:27:10 -0800

I just thought I'd mention that I use Squid on my workstation at home -
I work at home over a dialup line, which rarely runs over 28Kbps due to
the long distance I live from town.

So I run Squid on my own machine with the default 'out of the box'
configuration. I may have raised the expiration time, but I don't
recall. I've found it has been useful for cacheing images and other
stuff that takes a while to download. I have set up my ISP's Squid as a
parent, which probably helps them a bit as well. The squid states as I
view them in Webmin don't show a particularly high hit rate, probably
because it's just me, but nevertheless it is a noticeable improvement.

So it's useful even for a single-computer environment. Good software!! :O)


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