Re: [SQU] Squid and WCCP

From: Lincoln Dale <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 18:25:04 +1100

At 09:31 PM 30/01/2001 -0800, Phil Pierotti wrote:
>I seem to remember hearing talk that Squid supports WCCP V1.0
>But not 2.0 (because apparently Cisco had not released the spec).
>Tonight I noticed this page
> which has a link to
>the 2.0 spec which was released to IETF.
>So, am I missing something? Or is it now possible for Squid to include
>support for 2.0 ?

yes, it is possible for WCCPv2 to be implemented for squid.
anyone is free to go do so.

cisco may provide an implementation of WCCPv2 for squid at some point, but
other items take priority over that work.



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