Re: [SQU] logging the volume sent

From: Charles Bruneteau <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 10:22:44 +0100

Thanks for your answer.

I guess you get these via SNMP or cachemanager. But you get only the
overall values for the cache (am i wrong ?), whereas i 'd like to have
stats per IP client (and user if authentication is needed). Therefore i
was thinking of adding a field in access.log...


Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
> Yes. I usually make at least 3 graphs with two plotted values in each:
> 1. All requests/hits
> 2. Data sent to clients/data received from servers
> 3. Data reveived from clients/data sent to servers
> Charles Bruneteau wrote:
> >
> > Did someone try to log the volume of data sent by the client, in
> > addition to the volume of data received ?
> > We have a firewall that logs this information, but i wonder wether squid
> > can easily do it.
> > The objective is to detect potential security concerns as POST and
> > especially CONNECT requests may be used to come out big amounts of data
> > from the firm.

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