[SQU] Strange Authentication Problem

From: Oktay Akbal <oktay.akbal@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2001 12:57:09 +0100 (CET)

Hello Everone !

Let me first describe the Setup:

A squid-Proxy (standard rh6.2) is installed with acl and ncsa_auth.
This Proxy uses

cache_peer "own-ipadress" parent 8080 7 default no-query
(maybe with login=)

never_direct allow all

to communicate to an Trendmicro VirusWall installed on the same server.
The VirusWall itself forwards all request to another Squid-Proxy
called PARENT_PROXY which we do not have under our control.

This setup we do have twice with identical Versions of all Proxy-software.

Everything worked fine for month now, but for a few weeks now we are
getting Problems on both Proxies.

People are asked to authenticate themself for pages that do not need
Proxy_authentication due to acls. This does not happen after starting
the proxy. But when squid and Viruswall are running for a while people
suddenly get TCP_DENIED/407 and only on special Urls not on everything
the user requests.

After rebooting the machine everything works again for hours.

I do not know if anything has changed at the PARENT_PROXY.

Can anyone imagine what this could be ?
Is this some kind of Year 2001 Problem with old Squid- or ncsa-auth-Versions ?

Thanks for hints.

Oktay Akbal

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