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From: Jon Mansey <>
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 13:28:48 -0800

Maybe a simple solution is to use 2 squid caches, one which Teacher
uses has full access to the web, a second which the students PCs are
directed to, can only get pages from the teacher's parent cache, it
cannot resolve misses itself.

no database necessary.


>Ok, I believe I have a solution for you....
>We have a similar situation here at our school,
>although we do not use databases....
>To give a brief description, one of your proxy servers
>is dedicated to the lower school, and we have setup
>squid so that the users can only go to webpages that
>are listed in an ACL "gooddomains" but if they try to
>go to another website, they are disallowed....ok??
>I was given the task by our IT technician of finding a
>way so that teachers could add a webpage link (URL)
>into the ACL "gooddomains" so that the lowerschool
>could access that site. (This was done by our IT
>technician writing an ASP script for this) So, I wrote
>a bash script that "loops4mail" and if it contains an
>expression such as:
>add gooddomains
>that URL would be appended to the bottom of the ACL
>"gooddomains" squid would reconfigure itself and the
>site named above would then be allowed to be viewed.
>Similarly, if you wanted that URL removing so that it
>could no longer be accessed you would put:
>remove gooddomains
>The reason why @@@@ and %%%% are used for add and
>remove respectfully is because I realised that I was
>picking up www which was in the hostname, so I had to
>come up with a prefix, otherwise I was finding that
>the hostname of the proxy server was being added as an
>ACL, and obviously the computer could not resolve to
>If you would like a copy of my bash script "loop4mail"
>let me know and I would be only too happy.
>Ok, so in squid.conf, you will need to do the
>following (I think,....this is only off the top of my
>acl_src "/var/squid/gooddomains"
>and then:
>http_access allow all
>http_access deny gooddomains
>(You might need to ask someone about this... I have
>Furthermore, if you have not already done so, you will
>have to make sure that sendmail is configured
>correctlyto get this script to work (thats if you
>decide to use it :))
>I believe that solves your problem...???
>Thomas Adam
>--- Henrik Nordstrom <> wrote: > So
>go back to think about what the problem really
>> is. Almost everything
>> can be solved in this world (networking, web,
>> proxies, ...), it is only
>> a question about finding the correct approach.
>> --
>> Henrik Nordstrom
>> Squid hacker
>> Devin Teske wrote:
>> >
>> > I'm about to start cursing. I've come way to far
>> to stop now. There HAS to
>> > be a solution to this. You do know what the end
>> product is right? Teachers
>> > go online, somehow that add a link to a database.
>> Students go online,
>> > students can only go to those pages and nowhere
>> else. This is the final
>> > goal. I will never give up on this.
>> >
>> > Thanks,
>> > Devin Teske
>> >
>> > >Devin Teske wrote:
>> > > >
>> > > > I was studying proxy servers and the protocols
>> and something came to
>> > >mind.
>> > > > When the client requestsa page from the
>> server, it will request a
>> > >keep-alive
>> > > > connection. After all the contents of the page
>> have been loaded it will
>> > > > close the connection.
>> > >
>> > >Many pages can be server using one connection,
>> and all known browsers
>> > >utlizes more than one connection to download the
>> objects that makes up
>> > >one page...
>> > >
>> > >
>> > >--
>> > >Henrik Nordstrom
>> > >Squid hacker
>> >
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