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From: Joe Cooper <>
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2001 20:12:24 -0600

So you want to limit the number of open browsers?!?

Whatever for? If you're an ISP, and your clients are on dialups, they
have strictly limited bandwidth anyway. There may be a way to limit
number of open connections from each host, I guess (to, say
12...assuming each browser window opens 4 simultaneous connections), but
I don't know of it.

Monitoring bandwidth and limiting bandwidth is possible and well
documented. But I don't see any gain or legitimate reason for
restricting the number of browsers someone can open. (Do your clients
agree to a heavyhanded term of service like that? I can't imagine that
paying customers would subject themselves to such.)

Irfan Karim wrote:

> Hi,
> Sir I am having problem we have more then 1000 users in our ISP
> and I want to stop multiple browser like I am client and i am using
> Internet ok in my computer i opend 5 browser and every bady
> opened like that. Now the question is that how i stop these multiple
> browser like they just opened 2 or 3 browser plzz help me for that
> Thanks
> r00t

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