RE: [SQU] Replacing MS Proxy Server with Squid

From: Robert Collins <>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001 09:48:21 +1100

I think we're rapidly heading off topic... better keep this short :]

What you said was (paraquoting) "wouldn't WINS be involved not NETBIOS"

The point I made was that the Winsock Proxy, is a NETBIOS application.
As such, yes WINS would be used IFF they are running NBT & have a WINS

more inline.

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> I think that is sort of what I said... I doubt you need to
> run NetBeui to

I didn't mention NetBeui at all. Remember - NetBeui = NETBIOS Extended
User Interface. It's a layer 3 though ~6 protocol stack.

NBT = NET BIOS Transport, is NETBIOS implemented on top of TCP/IP.
(TCP/IP for layers 3 &4, NETBIOS on top of that).

> use proxy. If you are running TCP/IP, you don't even need to
> run Wins.
> What the client will do is broadcast for the comptuer
> (netbios) name. If
> you have Wins, the client will check the wins server first, get the IP
> address, and send the info that way. MS typically runs
> Netbios over TCP/IP
> even when you have just TCP installed. Pre Win2k networking
> can't get buy
> without it... well, atleast without using broadcasting.

Pre win2k CANNOT GET BY without NETBIOS. Broadcasting is irrelevant.
(It's part of the name lookup process, and even with WINS broadcasts can
& will happen when contacting the local Domain Browse Master.).
> So... I'd assume that you could add a static Wins mapping
> named "MyProxy"
> and give it an IP address. Set up all the clients to go to
> that. This way,
> if you put the MS Proxy on a different computer, you just
> need to change the
> IP address of the static mapping and it should work.

No. You've missed the point. If you change the NETBIOS _Name_ of the
server, the Winsock proxy client spits the dummy in a massive way. Of
course IP address's can change - that wasn't the issue...
Have you used the Winsock proxy client? No reasonable assumption about
it will be correct, so guessing won't work.

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> > Vishwanath is correct. For the WINSOCK proxy, the two nodes
> communicate
> > via RPC over NETBIOS, over whatever lower layer happens to be there.
> > Thus the NETBIOS name, not ip name, is important.
> >
> > WINS _may_ be a factor if TCP/IP is the internal network protocol.
> >
> > Rob
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