RE: [SQU] Replacing MS Proxy Server with Squid

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We are not using WINS. This is disabled on the network. We are using
NetBT, as previously correctly stated, if you install IP on Win2K then
NetBT (NetBIOS over IP) installs automatically.

But it looks as if I'm stuffed; the Winsock proxy client is not AD
integrated, it doesn't even hold its config in the "standard" registry -
but in an INI file that group policies can't touch.

BTW, I'm using Squid on the new eComstation operating system, and it
rocks. On something with half the memory and processing power, and a
cheap IDE disk system as compared to our MS Proxy Server, Squid
*definately* performs faster. I guess most of you use a *NIX OS, well, I
don't have enough production experience of them, sorry. But, on the
preview version of eCS (, Squid swims well. I get
nice IP stack (which I'm told is a dead ringer for the BSD stack) and
64-proc. SMP support, Smartsuite, and the latest Java toolkits (hey, can
you tell I like this?...). But I guess it doesn't take much to beat M$'s
memory monster known as Win2K.

Thanks for all your feedback regarding the winsock proxy client, I now
know what I'm up against.



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