Re: [SQU] Moving log files to a different partition (911).

From: Joe Cooper <>
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2001 10:34:54 -0600

Change their location in squid.conf, and then do:

squid -k rotate

You might have to do a -k reconfigure first...I've never needed to do
this so I'm not sure if a rotate picks up new log locations when
rotating logs.

You can also turn off the store log, as there is very little useful
information there for most users.

Brad Allyn wrote:

> I would like to talk to someone about moving the current log files access.log, cache.log and store.log to a different partition and was wanting a confirmation on the proper way to do this. The current partition is full and this is getting critical.
> Brad Allyn
> DAEC Systems Admin.
> 319 851 7844

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