Re: [SQU] Hiding the name and version of squid in the error message

From: Joe Erlewein <>
Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2001 08:27:43 -0500

We do have other security measures. This would simply prevent some script kiddie from seeing the tag and saying "Oh, I know how to crack THAT version EASY." They at least have to dig a little more...

Also, I recently joined the list, and saw the same question answered twice, and instead of an "answer" as you suggest was given, all I've seen are "workarounds" and "why do you even want to's" which is why I reiterated the question someone else asked.

Never mind then, and sorry for the traffic, I'll go dig through the archives.

Joseph R. Erlewein, N8OUZ
Intern, Networking
Munson Healthcare

>>> Alex Rousskov <> 3/5/2001
A Squid (or any other cache I know) is easily identified with or
without the error page signature containing software name. IMO, your
"security" plan will provide nothing but false impression of security.
You may want to concentrate on other security measures.


P.S. The "how to remove Squid signature completely" question has been
     answered many times before on this list.

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