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From: Bryan Campbell <>
Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2001 18:15:10 -0600

Henrik Nordstrom wrote:

> d) Forwarding loop
> 2001/03/06 15:48:10| WARNING: Forwarding loop detected for: GET
> /?action=aim&fields=snpghlocvAa&syms=AAPL,AOL,INDEX:COMPX,INDEX:INDU,INDEX:INX
> HTTP/1.0
> Assuming your proxy is "". Looks like you are running a
> transparent proxy without proper support for transparent proxying. If
> you are using Linux-2.4 then Squid requires some patching to support
> transparent proxying using iptables.

O.K. Here is an odd behaviour. From the command line on a RH 7.0 2.2.x
machine I can pull up with lynx. From the machine
installed with RH 7.0 2.4.2 reiserfs, etc . . . running squid (as per
Joe's instructions) with squid turned off and all redirection shut-down,
I cannot. Is there a whole new batch of gotchas for 2.4.x kernels?

I would appreciate the 2.4 patch info . . . but more so - I would like
to know why just the running OS is unable to talk to specific web
sites. Oddly enough, even will work. But, will not. This seems to be at the root of my performance
problems. I believe Squid to be working fine.

Please don't laugh! This is a royal pain in the butt. Where do I take
this one?



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