[SQU] auto replies, auto annoyance

From: Martin A. Brooks <martin@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2001 22:41:13 +0000


 From my last post to the list, I received 4 automated replies informing me
that A. N. Random person was on holiday. I consider these autoresponders
to be nothing more than annoying, bandwidth wasting spam.

I would hope that the majority of the list readers agree with me that
auto-responders to this type of list are simply unacceptable and I
therefore ask that the list maintainer(s) take appropriate action against
those who pollute this otherwise useful list with vacation messages et al.

I have no intention of unsubscribing myself from the list as I feel I owe
the Squid community some of my time for all the help it has given me over
the past 3-4 years but this is realy /really/ irritating.


Martin A. Brooks
If Windows NT were an animal, it'd be a fainting goat.

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