AW: [SQU] Squid Config works fine but in late night hours, doesn't fetch Pages?

From: Reinhard Brandstadter <>
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 13:30:25 +0100

> > I don't know, maybe you do?
> You could try sending a ping request to an outside address every hour or
> half an hour to keep the connection "alive". I know the ADSL is supposed
> to stay on all the time but some configuration have latency problems.

Thanks for the tip but that's not the problem, the line is alive!
Every 10 minutes i check my e-mail, and i can surf trough the web without
using the proxy when squid want's to rest at night ;-)
So the line can't be the problem....
Let's say the connection can't be the problem. Maybe there is a
or something between my proxy and the internet gateway of my provider?
Could this be possible?
E.g Squid sending other formated Packets than a normal Browser would do?

regards, Reinhard

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