Re: [SQU] squid, diald and sendmail and DNS problems

From: Joe Cooper <>
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 15:42:22 -0600

Sendmail and DNS have nothing to do with Squid.

If Sendmail is bringing up the link when it shouldn't then you need to
address your sendmail configuration...not Squid. Sendmail can be
configured to operate correctly on a dialup link (though I'm not an
expert on Sendmail configuration, I did just write some brief
documentation on configuring it--and while researching, I saw several
pages of docs on the Sendmail homepage regarding how to do just that).

And I don't think I understand what problem you're having with Squid is?

I think what you need to do is configure your Sendmail to only flush its
queue when told to do so, and the have in your dialup script a command
to flush the sendmail queue on every dialup. Now, your sendmail won't
bring up the link, and you can have a properly configured
DNS/nsswitch/hosts/resolv.conf. wrote:

> HI,
> I have recently configured a Redhat Linux server as proxy server using
> Squid( A very old version, 1.3 I guess). To prevent, Sendmail from
> doing NS lookups very time it gets a mail and causing the Diald to
> bring up the link, it will be ideal if I have only files as the resolver
> option for hosts on nsswitch.conf file.
> I observed that squid onyl looks at nsswitch.conf and resolver.conf file
> onyl at startup or at the time of first lookup. So I think having a
> version of nsswitch.conf file with dns option at squid's startup and
> then replacing it by "files' only nsswitch.conf. But the results are
> erratci. Some times, squid serves pages Ok. But other times, it says
> "Could not resolve."
> Si there any way , I can make the above ( Inelegant though ! )
> arrangement work reliably.
> thanks and regards
> Murthy

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