[SQU] Outlook Web Access (Exchange 2000) with Squid

From: Cenk Ozkan <cenk@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 16:10:26 -0000


It lets me authenticate to Outlook Web Access, then I get all items icons
but no text or content in any of my inbox , calendar etc. Server is running
Windows 2000 Advanced Server Service Pack 1 and Exchange Server 2000. I read
on this mailing list that it has something to do with Webdav and some
unsupported methods. Any ideas ?

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It's worked for me every time I've tried it.

Perhaps you could provide some error or symptom details? And your
OWA/IIS configuration (as a summary).


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Subject: [SQU] Outlook Web Access (Exchange 2000) with Squid

[SQU] Outlook Web Access (Exchange 2000) with SquidOutlook Web Access
does not work using Squid. Is there an easy way, modifying the
squid.conf file to make this work ?
  Thank you.

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