[SQU] referring url question

From: Mozworth Bueller <mozworth@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 17:34:27 -0500

i have a squid box and it does round robin dns
to determine which web server to make its request

once that happens, the apache server uses a virtual
host to determine what directory to deliver content
from. it works fine on one server but on another server
the referring url seems to be getting lost.

if i use round robin dns on the web servers w/o squid
i cannot duplicate the error.

some of the virtual hosts work fine, some do not.
they apache.conf and the squid.conf files are the
same on each server except for the server address.

Same info but in example format:

so im pointing www.foo.com to a squid which turns
that address into apache.foo.com which dns resolves
into or and those servers
both virtually serve apache.foo.com to /home/httpd/html/foo

.10 - the virtual host is ignored
.11 - the virtual host is used

if i browse directly to apache.foo.com i do not have
any problems and both web servers get hit.

at the same time foo.foo.com points to a squid and the
redirect program translates that into junk.foo.com
which dns resolves into or
and those servers both virtually serve /home/httpd/html/junk

is this a squid problem?
is this an apache problem?
is this a dns/network/server problem?

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