Re: [squid-users] Load Balancing?

From: Joe Cooper <>
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 04:26:07 -0600

Are you wanting to load balance among multiple parent proxies, or load
balance among several equal level proxies (i.e. no parents, no
children...just a bunch of caches working together because one alone
can't handle the load)?

If the former, then Squid can do load balancing. Just look to the
hierarchy configuration in squid.conf.

If the latter, take a look at the Linux Virtual Server project:

It now has two very good schedulers for balancing web caches, without
data redundancy (basically L4 switching). wrote:

> Thanks to all for your help in getting me setup with squid, now the boss
> wants it load balanced like the MS proxy servers were, I doubt there's any
> directive in squid for this, but I was wondering if some of the folks out
> there with load balancing enabled through different schemes could/would be
> willing to share their setups?
> Thanks again,
> P.S. Special thanks to Robert Collins and the folks who worked on the NTLM
> scheme, and to all the people who helped develop the helpers sections and
> auth schemes, your making squid a corporate name.
> Adam Shields
> PC Technician
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