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Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 14:25:39 -0800

Sweet...... I also have a Cygwin cross compiler toolchain that I might try
using instead......




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> wrote:
> > Hi! Has anyone tried building Squid using a cross compiler? Is it
> > possible to build Squid for Win32 using a Linux-hosted
> > cross compiler toolchain?
> With some manual help it should work.. problem is that Squid builds
> C program for use while building... and that you need to manually set
> include/autoconf.h with the mingw environment..
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> Henrik Nordstrom
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And if you want a current version of squid you need to port squid to
MingW. It currently needs syslog and signals support & unix files paths
to operate correctly. The current "pure win32" ports all used NT only
calls which is why I updated the support for squid in cygwin/squid and
it now runs reliably non-blocking. Cygwin also got it's pthread support
upgraded recently <grin> so the aufs code runs properly under cygwin
(and that's on win9x and up). In case you're wondering, the pthread
support uses native threads, not userland threads.

Oh, did I mention squid 2.4 and up build OOTB on a base cygwin
gcc+perl+awk environment?

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