[squid-users] FreeBSD kernel parameters for DISKD question

From: ronnie <ronnie@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 03:58:38 GMT

i'have followed the faq for adjusting kernel parameters to use the diskd
feature, but i still get error messages in my cache.log (Resource
temporarily not available).

this is my "ipcs -T" show:

# ipcs -T
       msgmax: 131136 (max characters in a message)
       msgmni: 48 (# of message queues)
       msgmnb: 16384 (max characters in a message queue)
       msgtql: 720 (max # of messages in system)
       msgssz: 64 (size of a message segment)
       msgseg: 2049 (# of message segments in system)

       shmmax: 2097152 (max shared memory segment size)
       shmmin: 1 (min shared memory segment size)
       shmmni: 32 (max number of shared memory identifiers)
       shmseg: 16 (max shared memory segments per process)
       shmall: 4096 (max amount of shared memory in pages)

I think maybe i my kernel parameters not correct, the faq is not quite clear
for me. This is my conclusion from the faq (part of my kernel config):

# MSGMNB: must be at least 75*MSGMAX
# MSGMNI: needs to be at least two times the number of cache_dir's
# MSGSEG: ??? (default(LINT) = 2049, as is in the squid-FAQ)
# MSGSSZ: should be 32 (or greater, just to be save)
# MSGTQL: must be at least 75 times the number of cache_dir's

options MSGMNB=16384 # max # of bytes in a queue
options MSGMNI=48 # number of message queue identifiers
options MSGSEG=2049 # number of message segments
options MSGSSZ=64 # size of a message segment
options MSGTQL=720 # max messages in system

# SHMSEG: ???? (default(LINT) = 9, (squid-FAQ) = 16)
# SHMMNI: greater than or equal to the number of cache_dir's
# SHMMAX: must be at least 800 kilobytes?
# SHMALL: must be at least SHMMAX 800 kilobytes multiplied by the number of
# cache_dir's ????

options SHMSEG=16 # max shared mem id's per process
options SHMMNI=32 # max shared mem id's per system
options SHMMAX=2097152 # max shared memory segment size (bytes)
options SHMALL=4096 # max amount of shared memory (pages)

and i have 8 cache dirs in separate partitions.
could anyone help me explaining those parameters with "????" (or all

best regards,

Ronnie Indra Kurniawan
Received on Sat Mar 24 2001 - 20:58:51 MST

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