[squid-users] propose additional field in cache_dir

From: fooler <fooler@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 17:49:27 +0800

squid developers,

    i have a proxy server with multiple disks with different sizes. the
problem with global cache_swap_low and cache_swap_high parameters is
that lower disk capacity has less space remaining while higher disk
capacity has more space left, which leads to poor disk usage.
    i would like to propose to add two additional fields locally for
cache_swap_low and cache_swap_high in cache_dir parameter.

    for example:

    cache_dir ufs /cache1 8000 16 256 90 95
    cache_dir ufs /cache2 16000 16 256 95 98

    where 90 and 95 for cache1 and 95 and 98 for cache2 represents local
cache_swap_low and cache_swap_high respectively for every disk with
different size. if its blank, it will use global cache_swap_low and

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