Re: [squid-users] Configuration question/problem with squid

From: Florin Andrei <>
Date: 26 Mar 2001 15:34:32 -0800

On 27 Mar 2001 01:01:21 +0200, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
> Technically it can be done via a redirector helper as well, to rewrite
> the URL's to their "correct" hostnames (preferably by sending browser
> redirects).

The problem with this approach is that is slow (the redirectors are
surely slower than a good DNS cache - like djbdns), complicated (you
have to maintain the redirect rules *besides* the search path in
resolv.conf) and may have odd consequences with naive or buggy clients
that do not swallow redirects.
Squid should support DNS search path out-of-the-box, like any other
software does.

Florin Andrei
Received on Mon Mar 26 2001 - 16:35:12 MST

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