RE: [squid-users] Front page problem - Help me !!!

From: Steve Corder <>
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 16:43:02 -0600

> Older versions of squid maybe, have you tried newer versions? I have 0
> problems with frontpage via squid from behind a locked down firewall -
> no end user nat. That's with squid 2.4


> NTLM authentication doesn't play nice with _any_ proxy. Also older
> versions of squid did have problems - did you consider upgrading your
> squid (I thinki t was fixed in 2.3 stable4 ).

I'm using squid-2.3-stable2. I have squid-2.4 compiled, and I've tested it
somewhat. I haven't tested its compatibility with FrontPage, though. I may
upgrade, but at the moment things are working just fine with the version
I've got.
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