[squid-users] I need a good documentation to download and print ....

From: Michael Kirsten <Michael_Kirsten@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 20:08:13 +0100

To whom it may concern,

I bought a SuSE Linux distribution and want to use the Squid-Proxy to
build my personal network at home. I do have an internetconnection via
the german T-Online and they donīt allow the users to connect a
hardware-router to their connection so, I need the Sqiud-Proxy to
distribute my internetconnection to my home network.

I tried many times to configure the Squid-Proxy by using the Manpages
but since the manpages are not printable in an appropiate way I need a
documentation the PDF-format.

Can you please tell me where, I can download that kind of documantation.
I prefer the english Version so that there is no misunderstanding
because of the translation to the german language.

I hope that you could read and understand the above paragraph. I try my
best to write errorfree english but it donīt work at all times I do so.
If there are to many mistakes please let me know and I try to say my
problem in other words.

To my person:

Iīm a new user to the Linux community and donīt have much experience
with proxy-servers. All the people I asked could show me, how good Squid
works, but no one could tell me how to configure it. So I hope with your
help I can build my personal squiq configuration that works with my

Thanks in advance.

Michael Kirsten
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