Re: [squid-users] 95% of replies from '....' are UDP_DENIED

From: Andrew Kemp <>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 11:40:15 +1000

Hi Nathan,

On 29/03/01 at 11:33:42 +1000, Nathan Bird spoke thus :
> Hi,
> I have just installed Squid 2.3.Stable4 on my proxy server. I am wanting my
> proxy to talk to another one of my proxy servers in a different state.
> I want ProxyA to retreive the digests off ProxyB so that I can try to
> increase speed and performance as mentioned in the Squid documentation.
> However after configuring ProxyA to talk to ProxyB ( using cache_peer
> sibling 8080 3130 proxy-only, and
> cache_peer_access allow all ) I am finding that
> when I use Cachemgr.cgi and check my Peer Selection algorithms I am getting
> 100% PINGS ACKED ( reason IDP Denied ).
> What should I be checking to try and resolve the problem because I
> eventually end up recieving an error message in my logs telling me that 95%
> of replies from are UDP_DENIED and that it is
> temporarily disabling
> Thanks in advance
> Nathan

Maybe if you contacted the cache peer in question first, then they
could have assisted you to set this up ?


Andrew Kemp

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