[squid-users] Problems with getting dns_testnames to pass

From: Andy Owen <Andy.Owen@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 14:42:30 +0100


I am new to this list, I have searched the archives, but I have not found
the problem I am experiencing anywhere.

Firstly, I have squid 2.3STABLE4 running fine on solaris 2.6.

I have got a new Sun Netra T1 runing solaris 2.8 64 bit. I have recompiled
the software to run on this machine, and I've set up DNS. I have a test dns
name of www.cisco.com (same as existing machine). When I try and start
squid, I get

Mar 29 14:16:00 testsquid squid[4136]: [ID 702911 user.alert] ipcache_init:
DNS name lookup tests failed.

I can disable the dns test lookups and squid starts up, but, squid runs very
slow indeed if I do this.

I have also tried 2.4STABLE1, with the same effect as with 2.2STABLE5. The
same thing happens with 2.8 32 bit on an ultra 5.

Also, I noticed during compile time that gethostbyname in lbind was not
there, so I reconfigured configure to read lnsl instead of lbind. What
difference is it being there or not?

Any hints would be greatfully received


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