Re: [squid-users] squid: ERROR: No running copy

From: Ilker Gokhan <>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 18:18:08 +0300

From FAQ:

11.43. squid: ERROR: no running copy

  You may get this message when you run commands like squid -krotate.

  This error message usually means that the file is missing.
  Since the PID file is normally present when squid is running, the
  absence of the PID file usually means Squid is not running. If you
  accidentally delete the PID file, Squid will continue running, and you
  won't be able to send it any signals.

  If you accidentally removed the PID file, there are two ways to get it

  1. run ps and find the Squid process id. You'll probably see two
     processes, like this:

     bender-wessels % ps ax | grep squid
     83617 ?? Ss 0:00.00 squid -s
     83619 ?? S 0:00.48 (squid) -s (squid)

  You want the second process id, 83619 in this case. Create the PID
  file and put the process id number there. For example:

  echo 83619 > /usr/local/squid/logs/

  2. Use the above technique to find the Squid process id. Send the
     process a HUP signal, which is the same as squid -kreconfigure:

     kill -HUP 83619

  The reconfigure process creates a new PID file automatically.

  11.44. FATAL: getgrnam failed to find groupid for effective group

  You are probably starting Squid as root. Squid is trying to find a
  group-id that doesn't have any special priveleges that it will run as.
  The default is nogroup, but this may not be defined on your system.
  You need to edit squid.conf and set cache_effective_group to the name
  of an unpriveledged group from /etc/group. There is a good chance
  that nobody will work for you.

Best regards,
Ilker G.

Kimden: Ronald []
Tarih: Thursday, March 29, 2001 10:14 PM
Konu: [squid-users] squid: ERROR: No running copy

Installed squid 2.4Stable1 perfectly in Redhat6.0, Linux 2.2.5.
#./squid -z
2001/03/29 23:52:19| Creating Swap Directories
#ps -A | grep sq
  941 ? 00:00:00 squid
  943 ? 00:00:00 squid
# ./squid -k reconfigure
squid: ERROR: No running copy
#ps -A | grep sq
  941 ? 00:00:00 squid
  943 ? 00:00:00 squid

Suggest me on this.

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