Re: [squid-users] ip_gre patch for linux and upgrade from 2.2

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 17:12:45 +0200 somewhere. Think it is in the FAQ.

Are we talking about the kernel or Squid here?

Squid: Just upgrade

Kernel: Many things need to be upgraded before being able to switch to
2.4 kernel.

There should in any case be no need to delete the old version before

Henrik Nordstrom
Squid hacker
Matthew Best wrote:
>     Anyone have a line on where I can download the ip_gre patch required by
> Linux in order to implement WCCP and Transparency?  I would also like to
> upgrade my stock 2.2 (came installed with Red Hat) to the latest 2.4.  Is
> there a *clean* way to remove 2.2?
> ++Matthew Best
> ++Systems Administrator
> ++Jet 2 Net, Inc.
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